Selected Recognition

2014                  Distinguished Teacher Award, General Education Program,
​                                James Madison University

2013                  Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award, Learning and the Brain & 
                                 International Mind, Brain and Education Society

2013                 Outstanding Teaching Award, Department of Psychology, James Madison University

2013                 Best Professor, Students of James Madison University

2012                 Robert S. Daniel Teaching Excellence Award, American Psychological Association

                                  Division 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology)

2012                 Outstanding Contributions to the Scholarship of Teaching Award, Department of

                                   Psychology, James Madison University

2012                 Featured in Princeton Review’s 300 Best Professors

2012-2014        Master Teacher Speaker, Society for the Teaching of Psychology

2011                 Outstanding General Education Teaching Award, Department of Psychology,

                                    James Madison University

2011                 Outstanding Professional Service Award, Department of Psychology

                                    James Madison University

2010                 Madison Research Fellow, James Madison University

2009                 Distinguished Service Award, International Mind, Brain, and Education Society

2007                 Outstanding Professor, Delta Zeta

2007                 Distinguished Faculty, National Society of Collegiate Scholars

​2004-05            Trustee Professor, University of Maine System

2000-01            Faculty Member of the Year, University of Maine at Farmington,
                                   Retired from Eligibility

1998, 99           Faculty Member of the Year, University of Maine at Farmington


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Translating Psychological Science to

Useable Knowledge for Teaching and Learning

Academic Bio

David B. Daniel is very involved with forging reciprocal links between cognitive-developmental psychology and teaching practices/pedagogy. He has published in a diverse range of journals, such as JAMA, Child Development, and Teaching of Psychology, and consults internationally on the delivery and development of effective, evidence-based, classroom, print, and electronic pedagogy. David has been the recipient of many teaching awards as well as the 2013 recipient of the Transforming Education Through Neuroscience Award. He is past-chair of the Society for Research in Child Development's Teaching Committee and founding coordinator of the SRCD Teaching of Developmental Science Institute as well as the managing editor of the journal Mind, Brain, and Education, consulting editor for the journal Teaching of Psychology and past Chair of the Society for the Teaching of Psychology's pedagogical innovations task force. David serves on several advisory boards including the AERA's Brain, Neurosciences, and Education sig and consults with numerous companies and organizations regarding pedagogy, training, and other topics related to learning. His interest in the development of effective teaching has informed his current efforts to develop effective pedagogical techniques that positively impact both student learning and teacher performance.