Translating Psychological Science to

Useable Knowledge for Teaching and Learning

David was one of the founding Board members of theInternational Mind, Brian, and Education, and the founding Managing Editor of the award winning journal Mind, Brain and Education, a role in which he served over a decade. David's dedication to facilitating student learning extends from higher education contexts to the K-12 classroom and across a wide variety of disciplines. He regularly consults with schools, districts,  teaching and learning centers, publishers, education-oriented companies, policy-makers and non-profit foundations on the development of high-impact pedagogy, including the  targeted use of appropriate technologies.

David’s scholarship and related activities focus on translating findings from the Science of Learning and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning to useable knowledge, particularly for educational practice, policy, and student learning. He works to infuse the design of pedagogy and systems, including digital tools, with learning science and stake-holder usability to maximize learning impact and engagement. 

David especially enjoys working collaboratively with students and other faculty to translate evidence-based strategies and sustainable teaching to learning practice across disciplines.  He also enjoys writing in the third-person and run-on sentences.

 David B. Daniel is an award-winning teacher with over 25 years of classroom experience. He is a highly sought international speaker and scholar focused on developing evidence demonstrated useable knowledge for educational practice and policy.


A Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, David has been honored numerous times for his teaching and translational efforts. In additional to earning many university/college level teaching awards, his national honors include the Society for the Teaching of Psychology’s Teaching Excellence Award, the Transforming Education through Neuroscience Award and being recognized as one of the top 1% of educational researchers influencing public debate in the US. He was appointed to a  select panel of the National Academy of Sciences to update and extend the influential NRC report How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School and featured in the Princeton Review’s 300 Best Professors.