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Selected Grants

2012-2015       A Comprehensive PhysTEC Site at James Madison University,  

                          Physics Teacher Education Coalition, Co-Principal Investigator                             $369,842

​2012-2014       Integrating Developmental Instruction in Sustainability Contexts into an 
                          Undergraduate Engineering Design Curriculum (NSF). Senior Researcher             $431,202

2011                Cengage Technology in Education Grant.  (with Krisztina Jakobsen)                         $10,000

2011                 Societyfor the Teaching of Psychology Partnership Grant: Graduate

                            Teacher Training (with Robyn Konrad, UVA)                                                             $750

2010                 National Education Association Foundation: Institute for Innovation
                            in Teaching and Learning                                                                                    $12,000

2006-2007        Holtzbrink Pedagogical Research Grant.                                                                  $7,000

2006-2007        MHHE Pedagogical Research Grant: Use of Textbook-Based
                             Pedagogical Aids (with Regan Gurung, UW-Green Bay)                                       $30,000

2001-2006          Grant# U01DE11886 NIDCR Renewal. Health Effects of  Dental
                              Amalgam’s in Children (Co-Principal Investigator)                                        $7,398,998

2004                    Houghton-Mifflin Publishers: ProductDevelopment Grant                                    $10,000

1997-2001          Grant # U01DE11886 NIDCR. Health Effects of Dental Amalgam’s in
                              Children (Co-Principal Investigator)                                                              $6,562,967

Translating Psychological Science to

Useable Knowledge for Teaching and Learning

Selected Teaching-Related Publications

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